Complete Featherweight Av-Bay Kit

Complete Featherweight Av-Bay Kit
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  • Provides a built-in connector for your Raven.  Just tighten the Raven's screw terminals, plug in the battery, and the electrical connections are done!
  • Provides deployment charge electrical terminals for all 4 Raven outputs, 3 of which are available at both ends of the av-bay!  Combine that with the Raven's ability to work with either end up, and you get the most flexible av-bay setup available.
  • Includes a magnetically-activated arm switch works like magic to turn your Raven on or off.  No need to align and drill your airframe for arm switches.
  • Under 27 grams including altimeter, about half the weight of a 9V battery alone!
  • Fits into a 2" long, coupler.
  • The Featherweight av-bay's short length, low mass, and magnetically-activated arming, make it  the highest-performance Raven installation available.  In May 2010, it was used to fly an I motor over 17,000 feet and a J motor over 22,300 feet!
  • Available in 24mm, 29mm and 38mm variations.

Included in the kit for $47:

  • One active bulkhead, including arm switch, and connectors for the Raven and battery.
  • A passive bulkhead that goes at the other end of the av-bay.
  • A li-polymer battery capable of 9 Amps of current. (U.S. orders only, due to new shipping rules)
  • Threaded rods and lots of extra nuts. (Alumii
  • A laser-cut plywood battery restraint.
  • Neodymium magnet with 1" arming activation range.
  • 38mm version includes built-in battery charger for an additional $12.


  • 1/4" nut driver.  If you don't have one already, get one for the 38mm or 29mm av-bay.  It makes assembly much more enjoyable.
  • 2" long, filament wound fiberglass coupler (coming soon)
  • A much larger magnet, capable of 2" arming range
  • Each of the kit components are also available separately.

Note that av-bays will ship without batteries for international orders, due to new USPS shipping rules put in place in 2012.

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Price $47.00